Sunday, November 13, 2011

Cardiac output calculator

This post is another exploration of embedding CDF. The calculator does not have field validations, error messaging apart from those within Mathematica. As with other embeddings dynamic functionality must be enabled.


  1. Hi. Is it possible to download the notebook for the Cardiac output calculator? I'm trying to do something similar, and run into the problem that I can't seem to enable dynamic content if the cdf is embedded in a web page:

  2. Dear Luc,
    To enable dynamic content of embedded CDF within the script tags within the command cdf.embed( ), you need to add {fullscreen:true}.

    For example,
    cdf.embed('yoururl/yourfile.cdf', width, height,{fullscreen:true})

    If this does not work or I have misinterpreted your concern let me know. If you have you own tips let me know.

    Kind regards,

    Unknown Blogger